Customs & Exports

UK Customers

The most important thing for UK customers to know is that the prices shown on our website are inclusive of tax (VAT) and all you will pay. We are a UK company based in London, so when we dispatch something to you it has already been imported and cleared through customs. We cover this process and pay the duty and fees applicable on your behalf.

The vast majority of the products we offer at Really Well Made originate from Denmark, with some others from Sweden, Japan and of course the UK. If an item is shown as 'In Stock' on our website, then it will be physically in one of our warehouses in the UK. If an item is shown as 'Made to Order' then it will need to arrive into our warehouses before it can be dispatched onto you. If this item is produced or stocked outside the UK, then it will first need to be imported. Typically the time for dispatching, exporting and then importing something through UK customs takes 2 - 4 weeks. Factors which decide on the speed of this process are many but they are nearly all outside our control. In a post-Brexit UK it is best to simply be patient and consider these additional time delays when making your purchase. Please note that the production lead times as stated on each product page do not include these transit/export times from the supplier, or the time taken to deliver to you.


International Customers (including EU)

International customers should find shopping and purchasing on our website simple and straightforward, have a read of some reviews from satisfied customers here. However there are some important things to make you aware of, which we have detailed below.

When shopping on our website in any currency other than £ GBP, the prices displayed will exclude any UK taxes (VAT). They will also exclude any local taxes and duty applicable. These fees will be dependent on your location and the type of products you have purchased. They will be collected by the courier you choose at the checkout to deliver your parcel. This process is usually very quick (1-3 days) provided you pay the courier when the payment request is sent to you on the email address you have provided. Couriers will also charge you a small fee to process your import, it is the customers responsibility to check with the courier what this fee will be prior to purchase.

We can estimate what the costs may be for exporting anything on our website but we cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies in this area. It is the customers responsibility to check with their local authorities what import fees may be prior to purchase. Any international parcels which are not cleared through customs will be returned to us and the order will cancelled and refunded at this point. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

If a 'free trade' arrangement is not in place between the UK and your country, then the duties may be applied according to World Trade Organisation rules. Many items do not have duties applied under WTO rules, for example 'wooden furniture' has a 0% tariff.


All customers please note:

Really Well Made's selection of manufacturers is very much curated. There are many advantages to this business practice, but the most tangible one for our customers is a reduction in lead-time. By concentrating our efforts with fewer brand partners, we are able to place orders with them more frequently.

When the UK was part of the EU 'Single Market' it was possible to simply order a few items from EU countries to the UK with little cost attached. Now when procuring products from the EU there will be a set fee to pay the freight forwarder, increased costs to remunerate the manufacturer for producing customs paperwork, possible duties payable on some items and additional time required for us to pay additional invoices and oversee the entire process.

The result of this change means that every order, unless it is a large one (over approximately £2,500 RRP), will need to be consolidated with other customers orders. This can potentially extend the total lead-time for your order. This is why we strongly indicate a lead-time is an estimate, and for guidance only. We constantly review our advertised lead-times and we try to include this consolidation time into our production lead-times for simplicity and clarity. If we think your order may be delayed unduly by a lack of other customer orders for the same manufacturer, we will let you know and offer you an option to cancel. Large orders will be placed with our manufacturers swiftly and will not need to be consolidated.